Serbian Language Courses for 2024/2025

Serbian Language courses at the equivalent of Beginner, GCSE and A Level: UK-wide, online, courses at four levels and a recognised qualification

The Round Table and Azbukum Centre for Serbian Language and Culture in Serbia have formed a partnership to offer Serbian language courses for beginners through to the equivalent of A Level.

The courses will be taught online so that students aged 12 to 17 can join the course from anywhere in the United Kingdom or Ireland. The courses are taught by qualified teachers who have also been trained by Azbukum and are accompanied by high quality materials and online support.

There are four different courses on offer A1 (Beginner), A2 (GCSE Foundation Level), B1 (GCSE Higher Level) and B2 (A Level). The courses are particularly appropriate for young people born in the UK or Ireland or those for whom Serbian is not their first language.

All who complete the course successfully will get a recognised qualification, which has been accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education and can be used in applications for universities or employment.

The attached flyer will go a long way towards answering your questions, but Olga will be happy to answer any remaining questions, please email