Terms & Conditions

Using any part of the SCC.org portal and all other sections means that you automatically accept to follow all current copyright rules. Visitors are expected to read the Terms & Conditions on a regular basis, so it is assumed that visitors of the SCC.org portal, or of any of its sections, will at all times be familiar with the current rules, and that they understand them completely. No sections of the SCC.org portal can be used for illegal activities, or to promote such activities.

SCC.org Portal

SCC allows its visitors to use the contents of the SCC.org portal with the best intentions. All visitors have the right to use the contents of the SCC.org portal free of charge, as long as they do not violate the Terms & Conditions. The SCC.org portal is made up of authorized content, the content of partners and advertisers, free content, and content created by visitors and links to external pages. The SCC.org portal publishes content with good intent. All content of the SCC.org portal can be used on one’s own responsibility and SCC.org cannot take responsibility for any kind of damage incurred by the visitor. The content of the SCC.org portal can be viewed by users of all ages.


SCC.org holds copyright on all authorized material (textual, visual and audio material, databases and programming code). Unauthorized use of any portion of the portal is considered a violation of the SCC.org portal’s copyrights and can lead to legal action. Unauthorised use of any part of the portal without the permission of the owner of the copyrighted material (SCC.org, partners, users…) is considered copyright infringement and can lead to legal action. If you believe that SCC.org has infringed on your copyrights, the case will be looked into immediately, and the material in question will be immediately removed in the event that the claim is deemed to be factual.

Links to external sites

SCC.org contains links to websites outside of the ownership of its portal. SCC.org provides links with good intent and cannot be held responsible for the material outside of its portal.

External associates

SCC.org takes the utmost measures to protect the privacy of its users. SCC.org obligates itself that it will, with good intent, use data received from its users while they are actively using the site, in other words, that it will not distribute private information, nor sell it to a third party without the permission of the user. SCC.org can, in accordance with the law, gather certain data about its users received while using the portal (exclusively data about the computer and the internet provider) or data entered during the process of registration. SCC.org uses this data in order to inform itself about its users, and in that way, improve the portal and its contents additionally intended and adapted for the public which visits it. On the basis of this data, we find out which contents are most popular with which audience. SCC.org obligates the entering of private information, such as email addresses and first and last names, and will not sell or distribute such information without the users’ permission, with the exception of demographic material for groups of users without the handing out of private information. SCC.org has an obligation to protect the privacy of the users of its portal, except in the case of serious violations of the rules of the SCC.org portal or illegal activity on the part of the user.

Modifying & changing T&C’S

SCC.org maintains the right to change and modify these rules without prior notice. SCC.org can inform its users of important changes and additions via emails and announcements made on the portal. It is presumed that you are aware of these rules when using any section of the SCC.org portal.