Career Guidance

career-guidanceFrom graduates to seasoned professionals – we are here to conduct one on one career guidance sessions. Through an open dialogue, we can help you realise your strengths and advise the best ways to go about applying for positions or finding the right opportunity through professional networking.

Helping a person to come to decisions that will affect their career is a long term commitment and a partnering relationship for us.

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Help with building your profile

help-with-your-profileBefore writing your CV, it is important that you think carefully about the overall impression your CV will have on the reader and consider not only what to include but also what you may leave out. It is often impossible to include all skills gained, every responsibility or each achievement from every job you have ever had on your CV – so you need to think about selecting the most relevant for the employer or type of employer you are applying to.

If in doubt, or if you need further help, then we are here to help. We know that every CV is different, because every person is different and we can help you create and maintain the best CV for you!

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Diploma recognition

The United Kingdom

There is generally no need to have your diploma recognised before applying for jobs in the United Kingdom and the final decision about it is with the employer. Exceptions are regulated professions (i.e. medical doctor, lawyer…)

Diploma recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills is performed by UK NARIC:

For more information about getting regulated professions recognised and used abroad (e.g. European Union), please visit:


In Serbia, diploma recognition process is performed by ENIC/NARIC Serbia. For more information visit: