„A Coffee with…“ Dr Slobodan G Markovich, LSE IDEAS – recording

Serbian City Club had the pleasure of hosting Dr Slobodan Markovich, Head of the Centre for British Studies of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade as part of the 16th annual Serbian Month in Great Britain. 
During the discussion we explored cultural transfer between Europe and Serbia, the incredible legacy of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, as well as several Anglophiles including Dositej Obradović, Count Čedomilj Mijatović, Vladimir and Slobodan Jovanović. We also found out when and why was the name “Slobodan” first used in Serbia, how has Serbia changed during this period and why were John Stuart Mills, Rev William Denton, George Lloyd Hodges and William Ewart Gladstone so important for Serbia and the region.

We further explored the UK-Serbian relations, to this date one of the longest for both sides and reflected on how Serbia influenced Western Europe during the last 150 years.

The event was held as part of our “A Coffee with…” series of interviews and can be viewed in full HERE.