Podcast series “Diaspora asks” about the upcoming elections and the attitude towards diaspora

The Serbian City Club has recorded a series of interviews called “Diaspora asks” with candidates in this year’s parliamentary, local and partial city elections about the relationship with the diaspora, and their plans for those who have returned or are thinking about returning to Serbia.

The questions were designed to relate not only to this election, but also to the entire election process, the requirements and deadlines for registration, the obstacles and challenges that overseas voters face during each election round, as well as the relationship between (lack of communication by) certain embassies and diplomatic consular representations with the potential voters.

In addition, we asked when we will have the opportunity to publicly discuss the options of electronic or postal voting, as well as how to establish a direct channel of communication between the diaspora and the Federal Election Commission (RIK).

We used the opportunity to remind the candidates of the fact that the diaspora is often marginalised and the potential for local development is completely untapped, that the diaspora could enrich its place of origin, and on the other hand, help in the development and implementation of development programs, through their contacts and transfer of knowledge.

Finally, we gave the candidates the opportunity to directly address all of you who live outside the borders of the Republic of Serbia.

Recordings of all conversations are available on our YouTube channel.

Individual recordings are available as follows:

Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

Marko Vujačić, International Secretary of the Green-Left-Front, Serbia against violence

Predrag Voštinić, activist of the Local Front movement in Kraljevo

Boško Obradović, president of the parliamentary group Dveri, Patriotic bloc