London Concert: Hari Mata Hari & Valentino – Thur, 22nd Feb 2024

London concert: Hari Varesanovic-Bend Hari Mata Hari, Zijo Valentino & Zlopi
Club Scala, Kings Cross
Doors open 7.15pm
Tickets available HERE

Hari Mata Hari is a popular music band from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, formed in 1985. The group has performed over 1,000 concerts and sold 5,000,000 albums to date. Their songs are among the most famous and popular love ballads in the former Yugoslav era. Hari Mata Hari was the official singer of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 held in Athens, Greece.


Pop-rock group from Sarajevo “Valentino” was founded in 1982. Group founder was the lead guitarist and songwriter Zijo Rizvanbegović. Zijo posted an advertisement in “Oslobođenje” (Sarajevo daily newspaper) looking for a lead singer and found Suad Jakirlić. Valentino was a favorite of Goran Bregović, so they toured together with Bijelo Dugme. Goran Bregović played guitar on Valentino 1st album for a song “Pazi na Ritam”. The Hit Song from that album was the song “Volim te još” (I still love you). As the War on the Balkans began in 1992, “Valentino”, like many other groups, stopped working and making new music. After the War Zijo “Valentino” gathered the group together and got to working on another ablum titled “Moja kuća putujuća” (My Traveling House).

This is a 16+ event
Presented by Yogoart