Misha Milovanovich at Saatchi Gallery – 15th Nov 2023 – 7th Jan 2024

This exhibition is a collaboration between BEERS London & Saatchi Gallery.
Please note that this exhibition is taking place at Saatchi Gallery located at Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY. 

BEERS London Gallery pairs the vibrant work of Canadian painter Kathryn MacNaughton with the playful sculptures of Serbian-born, London-based artist Misha Milovanovich. These artists exhibit here together for the first time.

MacNaughton’s works play with fluidity and movement in relation to the female perspective; how the body is an incalculable and infinitely surprising entity, and how that translates into the gestural movement within these colour-field paintings. Conceptually, these works function like automatic writing, finding meaning dependent on context, perspective, and responsive to our own understanding of space, colour, and form.

The sculptural works by Milovanovich are an attempt to present the female form as fragmented, and to understand, metaphorically and literally, how the goddess archetype can be interpreted in contemporary representation. The works also utilize the conventions of ‘symphonic abstraction’ – similar to that of Kandinsky or Miró – to create these free-form, totemic sculptures that further challenge our understanding of control and chaos.

This exhibition is curated by BEERS in collaboration with Saatchi Gallery. The exhibition opens next Wednesday 15 November 6-8pm and it is essential to RSVP to attend the opening preview.

To RSVP and/or to register your interest in the works please email info@beerslondon.com

Full event info HERE