“A Coffee with…” Canon Professor Mark D Chapman and Professor Bogdan Lubardić – event recording

Serbian City Club had the pleasure of hosting Canon Professor Mark D Chapman and Professor Bogdan Lubardić, on Tuesday, 21st February 2023, as part of the 15th annual Serbian Month in Great Britain 

During the discussion we reflected on their recently published book „Serbia and the Church of England: The First World Ward and a New Ecumenism“, that focuses on often-neglected history of friendly relations between two nations  and churches, with a hope the book will help promote further mutual understanding between the two churches.

We reviewed the past and current relationship between Serbia and the Church of England, including the significance of Saint Sava seminary theological students journey from Serbia to England via Russia, and how has that experience influenced and shaped their perception of the West. We further discussed the importance and influence of Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović in promoting the cause of Serbia through the course of the First World War, and his overall legacy.

We also mentioned some other important figures of the time including Adeline Paulina Irby, Mary Muir Mackenzie, Justin Popović, and contemplated what the future holds for those relations.

The event was held as part of our “A Coffee with…” series of interviews and can be viewed in full HERE.