We started “A Coffee with…” series in 2013 and since then have had some amazing and inspirational speakers. In 2020, we moved the series to our YouTube channel (see above) making it more accessible, which proved to be a great success.

In the meantime, you shared with us some very valuable feedback, asking us to make the series even more approachable. We are therefore happy to announce that we now have two podcast channels – both in Serbian and English. They are currently available on Spotify and we are working on getting it onto more platforms, so watch this space! You can access them on the following links: Spotify (English)Spotify (Serbian).

Your feedback is critical when it comes to budling a valuable and interesting product, so please share it with us – what have you liked, or disliked so far; and what topics/speakers would you like us to cover in the future? Share you thoughts via email on

We look forward to hearing from you!