Concert: Santtu & Nemanja Radulovic in London – Thurs, 19th Jan 2023

Watch the sparks fly as Santtu joins forces with virtuoso violinist Nemanja Radulović in a programme spanning styles and centuries.

Radulović is known for his adventurous, thrilling and technically masterful playing, perfect for the tumultuous finale of Prokofiev’s Second Violin Concerto. There’s a place for his tender, soulful side too, in the long-breathed, lyrical melodies of the first two movements.

Beethoven’s Second Symphony stands on the cusp, where Classical poise and grace meet a more personal and passionate Romantic sensibility. Full of confidence, energy and creativity, it was so hotly anticipated in Vienna that tickets for the 1802 premiere cost three times the venue’s usual price.

Shostakovich assembled music from his scores for stage and screen to create his Suite for Variety Orchestra, better known in the West as Jazz Suite No. 2. Saxophones, guitar and accordion, and a delightful succession of hummable tunes, give the orchestra a distinctive dance-hall flavour.

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