“A Coffee with…” Dr Vesna Goldsworthy, author – recording

Serbian City Club had the immense pleasure of hosting Dr Vesna Goldsworthy, an award-winning author on 13th October 2021.

During the discussion, we spoke about the importance and influence of one’s identity and belonging on one’s creative process, as well as what it means to be the first Serbian person to be admitted to the British Royal Literary Society. We also touched on the stereotypes and prejudices towards the Balkans, as well as our own personal relationship and influence on those particular messages.

We also remembered the influence and the legacy of Crnjanski and Pekic, as well as how much Vesna identifies with their vision of the British society, but also their attitudes towards Serbia during the years in which they lived and worked in the United Kingdom.

The event was held as part of our “A Coffee with…” series.

The full recording (in Serbian) can be accessed HERE.