Layers of London – Project by University of London

Layers of London is a crowd-sourced online resource blending geography, history and technology. By gathering historic maps from across London and layering these on top of each other with fade in/out functions, users can discover how areas and streets have changed throughout time. Maps include WWII Bomb damage, Charles Booth’s Victorian Poverty map and the 18th Century Rocque map covering 10miles around the City of London.

In addition to maps the site relies on crowd-sourced contributions; local histories, memories and interests that help enrich the site with content. Anyone can add any content at any time, however, the project also runs focused campaigns to build themed based collections. Our current theme is #LondonArrivals – London has always been a magnet for new people, whether it’s someone moving here from the other side of the world or from a surrounding county. We are interested in people’s motivations for moving to the capital and would like to capture when people first arrived in London. Where did you come from? When did you arrive? Was London what you were expecting? Was there anything surprising about becoming a Londoner?

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