SCC “A Coffee with…” Vukasin Stojkov, Tesla Nation – Thu, 27th Feb 2020


On 27th February 2020, Serbian City Club had the pleasure to host Vukašin Stojkov, founder and CEO of Belgrade-based Startit, who are executing the Tesla Nation project which aims to rebrand Serbia as a country of innovators to global audiences. We discussed the potential of the highly-talented IT experts and tech innovators in Serbia and how they can benefit from having closer relationships with the world’s tech and business community, and the diaspora. Tesla nation’s key objectives are choosing the best technology inventors and professionals of Serbian heritage and connecting them to partners from all around the world, and thus promote Serbia through tangible, successful partnerships. The event was hosted by our member and colleague Stefan Stojadinovic, a PR expert from London.

Following the event in London, Vukašin Stojkov stated the following: “It was a true privilege to become a part of the chosen few who are invited to SCC’s “Coffee with…” conversations, and address SCC’s members and interested members of the public. The help that SCC and other diaspora organisations and individuals provide Tesla Nation in particular, and the Serbian tech ecosystem in general, is critical and cannot be overstated. With their help, ambitious projects like Tesla Nation have a chance to make their mission a reality, and for this we are very thankful to the Serbian City Club.”

The audio recording (in English) of the conversation with Vukašin can be heard here:!AsQFr0eEixDyjjKN0bx7UFWvD37x