Theatre Play “Rucni rad” at Watermans, London – Sat, 9th Mar 2019

The play “Handmade Work” is a black comedy, written on the model of the French author Jean Claude Danoo. She talks about three, character different women, who, in their own way, hate men, but in the end they realise that they cannot do without them. The audience will meet with a strange, symbolic story about a woman who killed her husband and hid his head in a basket of carrots. In despair and terrible fear that she would not be caught, she asks for help from Udovica, stiffened by feminine women and the patroness of oppressed women. She receives a certain amount of money and agrees to help her get rid of her head. The meeting with Miss Pty-Pa resolves the fate of each of them in an very, unexpected way.

The play is in Serbian.

Start time 8pm, doors open 7:45pm.

Tickets are £31 and can be bought HERE