Lecture by Dr Vassilis Petsinis: Competing conservatisms in Serbia and Croatia – Wed, 22nd Nov 2017

Dr Vassilis Petsinis (University of Tartu) will give a presentation on ‘Competing conservatisms in Serbia and Croatia’ at this seminar organised by the UCL SSEES South-East European Studies Seminar Series.

The last few years have witnessed the domination of Serbia’s and Croatia’s political landscapes by two, nominally, conservative parties of the centre-right: the Serbian Progressive Party-SNS and the Croatian Democratic Community-HDZ. Despite their shared Yugoslav heritage, the evolutionary trajectories of these two parties into prevalent political actors are qualitatively different. This presentation will be structured along the lines of an empirical overview. The main questions here are: How did the SNS and the HDZ come to dominate Serbia’s and Croatia’s political spectrums? Does this tell us anything about the outlooks of these two parties towards the EU?

All Welcome to attend, no registration necessary.

Full details: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ssees/events/2017/nov/dr-vassilis-petsinis-competing-conservatisms-serbia-and-croatia