Science Technology Park Belgrade – STP Belgrade is established in the partnership of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade and University of Belgrade, supported by the Swiss Government, aimed at creating a favorable environment for the new technology development and commercialization of innovations by developing links between the science and economy STP Belgrade currently gathers more than

50 companies – start-ups and growing high-tech development companies.Tehnoloski-park-Zvezdara

STP Belgrade offers attractive service package of infrastructure and business support services to its users towards helping them accelerate their business growth. Additionally STP Belgrade offers cooperation, joint projects and organization of scientific and entrepreneurial conferences, all of which create many employment opportunities.The great success achieved following two years of operations is partially the result of previous support for the technological development and entrepreneurship in Serbia provided by the Serbian Diaspora. Therefore, we invite all members of the Serbian Diaspora to take part in one or more STP Belgrade programs towards our future successful cooperation.

STP Call to Diaspora