Gypsy Fever at the Jamboree – Sat, 25th June at 8pm

Helter Skelter With Gypsy Fever!

“A swirling Helter Skelter night of ethno-folk fusion at Jamboree with the brilliant Gyspy Fever Collective!

GypsyFever are a 6-piece Ethno/Folk fusion band inspired by archaic traditional tunes of Yugoslavia GF, creating music that swings hips & stirs nomadic souls. They will take you on an exotic musical journey across the landscapes of former Yugoslavia, playing some exquisite folk and gypsy tunes from their upcoming album “A Land That Once Was”.

Katarina Gadjanski, the founding member, grew up in a small village in Vojvodina (ex-Yugoslavia), an area which has been swaying to the heterophonic heat of the local Gypsy-Folk musicians for generations. There, as the old saying goes, music is used to ‘beat sorrow into celebration’ (“udri brigu na veselje”). Though born of their sorrows, the celebratory nature of the traditional folk music defies the difficult and marginal existence of the war-torn country, a country that now exists only in its beautiful music. After the death of her country, and with this music in her blood, Katarina arrived in London, found musical comrades from Slovakia, Italy and the UK and so began the twisting into existence of Gypsy Fever.”


*Entry: £6 advance / £8 at the door


Gypsy Fever Band