RT Meeting at Serbian Church in London – Sat, 19th March

The next RT meeting will take place on Saturday 19 March 2016 at the Bishop Nikolaj Community Centre in London. The meeting will start from 14.00pm and is expected to finish at about 16.30pm. 

All Serbian organisations are invited to attend the meeting. Please send us the names and contact details for your representatives and active members through contacting the Round Table Steering Group (RTSG).

The aim of the Round Table is to encourage cooperation and collaboration between Serbian community groups and organisations from across the UK and Northern Ireland (UK&NI) for the benefit of the Serbian community in UK&NI. It also provides a forum for Serbian community organisations to discuss issues of interest and importance to the Serbian community in the UK&NI and to agree ways forward.

To date the Round Table Initiative has supported projects such as the Serbian Language Course, Election of the UK&NI Representatives to Diaspora Assembly in Serbia and Serbian Month. These proved to be excellent examples of successful collaboration amongst a number of Serbian Community organisations in the UK.

On this occasion, the RT Meeting will be particularly looking to address the following agenda items:

        1. Introduction of the newly elected UK&NI Representatives

        2. Continuation of the planning process for the Diaspora Conference in the UK

We hope the enclosed Agenda for the next RT Meeting provides the opportunity for this to take place.  If you have further questions for the RTSG or wish to make any comments or suggestions, please reply to this email or contact us on 07939262107.

Please reply to this email or call 07939262107 by 16 March to register to speak at the Meeting under the Agenda item 7. Please confirm your attendance by no later than 16 March 2016 to rtsteeringgroup@gmail.com.



1.     Welcome and introduction of the day

2.    Minutes from the last RT Meeting

3.    Matters arising


 4.    Project reports and questions: 

                      -Serbian Language

                      -Serbian Month


 5.    Personal presentations from UK&I Representatives (Maja Atkinson and Lazar Vukovic) and questions.



6.     Organisation of the Diaspora Conference in the UK:    

         Progress report from the Conference Working Group


7.       Points from the RT participants–Speakers  from the  Serbian Community As part of this Agenda item, there is an opportunity for all interested individuals or Community Organisation representatives to inform the audience of their most recent work relevant to Serbian Community in the UK&I. Please reply to this email or call 07939262107 to register with the RTSG to speak at the Meeting. The deadline for registration to speak is 16 March 2016.

 8.        AOB


 9.        Summary of Action points and date for next meeting

approx. 16.30


The “Working Group for the Round Table Initiative”

Olga Stanojlovic, George Tokos, Dragan Macura, Aleks Simic