Instructions for voting in the upcoming Serbian elections at the Embassy in London

In order to be able to register to vote in the Serbian elections on 23rd or 24th April 2016 (date will be confirmed, please check the Embassy website), the voter must do the following:

STEP 1: Check that you are on the list of registered voters (can be done online HERE). If you are on the list, then please go to step 2. If you are not, then you need to fill in THIS FORM and send it to the Embassy at

STEP 2: THIS HAS TO BE DONE FOR EACH ELECTION even if you have done it before! Register to vote abroad by filling in THIS FORM, make sure you print, sign, scan and email to with a copy of your Serbian passport. THE DEADLINE FOR THIS IS 2ND APRIL 2016 by 11pm UK time. 

STEP 3: Come to vote at the Serbian Embassy in London ONLY IF YOU HAVE DONE THE ABOVE and please make sure to BRING YOUR SERBIAN PASSPORT WITH YOU! 

For any additional questions or concerns please contact the Embassy directly at