Pro Art & Co: Magna Carta event at the House of Commons

Celebrating 800 years of Magna Carta


25 June 2015 – Jubilee Room, Westminster SW1A 0AA

11 – 2 pm  Entrance : Free

This year Pro Art is contributing to the wider celebration of the Anniversary of Magna Carta. Pro Art is organising a debating programme dedicated to discussions on the meaning of democracy in different societies and especially to the symbolical meaning of Magna Carta and its historic influence.  It aims to connect the audience with democracy in the UK and in Europe through a series of talks. This year of celebrating Magna Carta 800 years has inspired many organisations to explore what democracy means, how it would be implemented in their community and what benefits they have through their active citizenship.

Pro Art & Co in cooperation with Santara Sviesa UK Club are organising a seminar at the House of Commons on the Legacy of Magna Carta on the European and World Democracies, reflecting on the principal influences of the Great Charter of Liberties and the following set of charters in the UK, on the similar democratic processes and civil rights elsewhere.

Magna Carta’s historic role and importance is symbolic today. Nevertheless it linked European medieval kingdoms through influences of the Charters of Liberties on their laws, which aimed to limit the power of the ruling classes and to give more rights to people, constituted through greater civil liberties, which eventually led to changes in the political systems and instituted democracy as the ruling principle of governing.

Debate to follow.

The participating lecturers in this seminar are from the UK and other European countries, who will bring their experiences and knowledge on democratic processes and the historical importance of Magna Carta.

Panel speakers:

Baroness Shreela Flather –  Chair

Rosalie Rivett Chairman of Women in Diplomacy

Prof. Egidijus Aleksandravičius, Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

David Wardrop UN Asociation Westminster Branch

Cllr. Frances Stainton, LBHF, World Peace and Prosperity Foundation

Sinisa Ljepojevic, journalist and author (Serbia)

Botagoz Hopkinson, Chairman of Conservative Friends of Eurasia and Vice Chair of the Westminster Conservative Women Association