KoKoLo: Op Sa! Balkan Band, Valkania, ArHai, DJ Shefitza & Gypsy Dancers

KoKoLo proudly presents: Op Sa! Balkan Band, Valkania, ArHai, DJ Shefitza & Gypsy Dancers

Thursday 25th June @ The Forge, Camden

Tickets can be purchased online here

From ethno electronika to brass band, from balkanised blues to wild gypsy dancing, with a pinch of electro beats and gypsy bangers, this is a fundraising event open to all and helping the children! The bands have connections with the Balkans, and with their take on the good old traditional songs, you will be taken on a healing journey like no other!

All the proceeds are going to Our Kids Foundation and info about the event can be found at:http://www.kokolo.co.uk/upcoming-events.html