1. Visas for the UK

Responsible government office: Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

UK in Serbia

Visa info services

Address: Resavska 46, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
Phone: +381 (0)11 2645 055

Time frame: About two weeks, you may enquire about ‘premium service’ for some categories of visas.

Necessary to attend in person:

Documents needed/General documents:
•    Passport which is valid for at least 6 month after the visa you are applying for is due to expire and has at least 1 empty page without any stamps or comments on both sides of the page; passport must be signed.
•    Previous passports if you have them.
•    2 passport sized photographs, must be with a white background.
•    Application form filled out in BLACK INK.
•    Proof of financial resources sufficient to cover your trip to the UK.
•    Proof of any real estate ownership if you have it.
•    Passports of closest family members.

Tourist visa:
•    Proof of hotel reservation (agency voucher or similar) or invitation letter from your sponsor (person you will visit, does not have to be British citizen, only needs to live in UK), proof of their legal residency status (or visa) in the UK, copy of the sponsor’s passport:; in case you are visiting an institution – you will need an invitation letter on a headed paper.

Transit visa:
•    Copy of the visa for the following destination, flight reservation or copy of the ticket.

Employed applications:
•    Certified and signed letter on the company’s headed paper containing the following information: name and a surname of applicant, period of employment, title, monthly salary, with a clear signature of authorised person and a stamp of the company.
•    Period of employment and which position/role the applicant holds as well as the average monthly salary.
•    Copy of the work book.
•    Confirmation of the holiday being taken with number of days off taken during this trip.

Shop owners:
•    Company articles of association.
•    Proof of trade, i.e. bank statement.

•    Pensioners certification (original and photocopy).
•    Last pension payment slip (original and photocopy).

•    Proof of employment of their husband/wife or parent.

•    Original and photocopy of the university book (index) and a proof of full-time or part-time studying.
•    Proof of studying and original and photocopy of pupil’s book.

Please note:

•    UK Border Agency (UKBA) and British Embassy in Belgrade work in cooperation with a commercial partner, a company called World Bridge Service. You can find basic information about whether or not you need a visa as well as how to apply for one on the website of World Bridge Service . World Bridge Services can also give you additional information via telephone or email. The number to call is 99 44208 0995 453; this service costs US$13. All information provided in this way is authorised by the UK Border Agency.
•    Your application will be considered by the employees of the UK Border Agency. World Bridge Service employees do not have any role in the decision making process and cannot influence the outcome of your application.

How to apply:
•    The visa application centre in Belgrade requires you to apply via the Internet only.
•    The application is started via an interactive application form on the website found under the following link  

There are four main steps:
1.    Fill in the application form on the Internet and make the payment.
2.    When you finish the application on the Internet, you will receive an email with an ID number for your application. Please keep this number for future reference.
3.    When you arrive at your appointment at the Visa Application Centre, please bring a printed copy of your application form as well as the proof of payment on the Internet and one photograph. The Centre’s working hours are from 9-17h from Monday to Friday. You must have an appointment for your application to the Centre. You can make an appointment online by clicking on the link “Make an appointment at the Visa Application Centre” and follow the instructions. NOTE: If you are part of family or group, each member must make an individual appointment.
4.    Bring 2 recent passport-sized photos, in colour (45 mm x 35 mm). Photo should be:
•    on light background (white, beige etc.), not tampered with, clear and good quality
•    printed on a regular photo paper
•    showing a whole face without sunglasses, hats or other items that might cover the face or head, except for ethnic or religious reasons.

Application at the visa application centre:

1.    Payment can only be made by card, when booking online.
2.    Original of the filled out application form.
3.    Current and previous passports.
4.    Originals of all the necessary documents needed for your type of visa. If you do not submit all the necessary documents and translations thereof (if required), your application might be refused.
o    Notes: If you wish any documents to be returned to you, please ensure you also submit a copy.
o    After submitting and reviewing the application, it might be necessary to attend an interview at the Embassy. At busy times, you might have to wait some time for your interview. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip to Great Britain.

Biometric data: fingerprints and photograph

•    All visa applicants must submit their application in person at the Visa Application Centre in Belgrade in order to submit their fingerprints and have their picture taken.

•    All applicants will have to submit fingerprints, which are taken with an electronic scanner. They do not use ink, liquid or chemicals, and the procedure lasts a couple of minutes. If the applicant refuses to give fingerprints, the application cannot be processed.
•    All applicants must remove all decorations from their fingertips (i.e. henna) and should not have any injuries or other marks during their visit to the Centre as they can affect fingerprinting. Visa applications cannot be considered until fingerprints are secured.

•    It is necessary for all visa applicants to be photographed with a digital camera while being fingerprinted. The photographs will show the whole face without sunglasses, hats or other items that might cover the face or head, except for ethnic or religious reasons. Please do not wear white clothing as this can affect the quality of the picture.

•    Interviews are a regular part of the visa approval process and if necessary, gives the immigration agent the opportunity to clarify certain parts of the application.
•    If an interview is needed, the applicants will be offered the first open appointment.
•    Only in exceptional circumstances, applicants can have someone accompany them to the interview. However, it will be made clear that the companion can only be present and listen to the interview, but not take part in it. If the companion does not follow these rules, the interview can be terminated.
•    Children under the age of 10 applying for a visa will not have to be interviewed. However, if the child is to travel on its own, it might be necessary to hold an interview with an adult (child’s parent or legal guardian). Interviews can be held with children ages 10-14, but only when they are accompanied by an adult. Interviews with children who are older than 14 will be conducted in private.

Visa payments
•    All payments should be made by card, on the online booking system. Dependants will pay the same fee as the main applicant. All dependants travelling have to pay the fee regardless of whether they are in the main applicant’s passport or not.
•    Your visa application fee will be refunded only if the application is withdrawn prior to any processing taking place or if your biometric information has not been taken.
•    For all visa enquiries please call: +381 (0)11 3061 058 (Mon - Thurs 14-16h)
•    Emails: (general), (information), (visas), (consular)

Taxes and accounts
Visa cost varies depending on the duration of visa. As of 22 November 2010, the cost of the most popular visas were:
•    6 months multiple entry visa – 9,100 RSD (cca £70)
•    1, 2, 5 or 10 years multiple entry visa – from 31,900 RSD (cca £245) to 84,500 RSD (cca £650)
•    Transit: regular or direct – 6,200 RSD (cca £48)

NOTES: Before attending your appointment, please check that cost of your visa has not changed.

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